Adding artificial intelligence to speech recognition for more efficient EHR documentation

Physician burnout is a well-documented issue. More than 40% of over 15,500 physicians polled in a recent MedScape study reported experiencing burnout.

Read the rest of this blog post featuring Samantha™, the EHR Virtual Assistant from NoteSwift, Inc. which lets a user enter the entire patient note from a single screen - either by typing or using any speech recognition dictation product. 

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of NoteSwift, Inc.


Connecting the Dots between Marketing Campaigns and Sales Attribution

A blog post on features ACTV8’s “Vynamic Demand” product which gives 100% clarity to retailers on how customers' purchases are generated pinpointing the value of their sales and marketing campaigns.

Click here to read "Connecting the Dots between Marketing Campaigns and Sales Attribution" by Reint Jan Holterman posted Jun 27, 2018.

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of ACTV8, Inc.

NoteSwift's Samantha™ EHR Virtual Assistant

NoteSwift's virtual assistant received recognition from Allscripts as "App of the Month".  Click here to read the full story in NoteSwift's newsroom.  Look for the press release titled "Samantha by NoteSwift selected as Allscripts 2018 Innovation Winner & May 2018 Allscripts "App of the Month".

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of NoteSwift Inc.

ianTECH’s miLOOP Grabs Two “Best Paper of Session” Wins at the ASCRS-ASOA Annual Meeting

RENO, Nevada (April 24, 2018)- Two presentations among the several featuring ianTECH’s novel miLOOP Device won “Best Paper in Session” awards during 2018 meeting of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery held recently in Washington, DC.

-Shared by Tyler Stowater, board observer of ianTECH, Inc.

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Neurolens System Provides Relief for Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

Click here to see eyeBrain's Neurolens technology in Optometric Mangement. 

Optometric Management is dedicated to helping optometrists improve their practice through relevant, actionable and practical columns and features that enhance patient outcomes and bolster the bottom line. Optometric Management is the leading how-to guide for optometrists interested in growing their practice, improving their standard of care, and achieving financial and professional success.

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of eyeBrain Medical Inc. 

Water Planet Spins Out PolyCera Membranes as Separate Subsidiary

Water Planet has issued a press release regarding the spin out of PolyCera Membranes, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  You can read the full press release here on Water Planet's site.   

Water Planet now consists of three wholly-owned subsidiaries:

PolyCera Membranes - develops and markets next-generation membrane technology for industrial wastewater treatment and process separation, setting new standards in performance and total cost of ownership

IntelliFlux Controls - Adaptive control software utilizing artificial intelligence to improve the performance efficiency of water treatment plants. Quick installation of universal hardware/software bundle provides immediate savings in water and energy with added protection against variable feed water quality. IMPACT: Proven customer demonstrations and early commercial installations highlight up to 30% energy savings in operation of membrane filtration systems.

MembranePRO  - MembranePRO Services leads the global advancement of sustainable desalination and water reuse through engineering and operational excellence. Since 2011, our world-class team has provided analytical and testing services, custom-engineered water treatment solutions and operational support services to global customers on 6 continents.

-Shared by Bluestem

NoteSwift Partners with athenahealth's 'More Disruption Please' Program to Automate EHR Documentation, Save Physicians Time & Reduce Burnout

See this news story about NoteSwift's Samantha, a physician's EHR virtual Assistant.  The first patent-pending, intelligent, real-time transcriptionis app. We're excited about this partnership with Athenahealth, Inc.!

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of NoteSwift, Inc.

ACTV8me launches "Shop While You Watch" on Univision

Univision Partners with ACTV8me to Launch Shoppable and Interactive Programming

December 18, 2017 03:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, partnered with ACTV8me, an enhanced TV advertising platform, to shape a new approach in broadcast advertising allowing viewers to conveniently purchase products and unlock offers while they are watching their favorite programs.

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of ACTV8, Inc.

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Nebraska Today highlights VIC

Virtual Incision Corporation is spotlighted on Nebraska Today, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln news site, where the Governor of Nebraska congratulates Virtual Incision Corporation on the financing round that will support FDA submission and human trials for the mini surgical robot.  Click here to read, "University of Nebraska spinoff company receives major investment", published December 18, 2017.  

SYNQ3 on Automation

Click here to view the latest video from SYNQ3 on the impact automation will have in the restaurant industry.  SYNQ3 specializes in operational and off-premise efficiencies for restaurants, managing incoming calls for its customers.  VIA, their Virtual Intelligent Assistant, enables measurement of guest experience, guest engagement, and order to-call ratios—metrics formerly un-measurable in the restaurant industry.

-Shared by Tyler Stowater, board member of SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions

Virtual Incision Raises $18 million Series B round

Virtual Incision Corporation (VIC) is in the news on CNBC in the story published on December 12, 2017 by Lora Kolodny, "This start-up is making remote-controlled robots that can do surgery in space".  Bluestem is mentioned as being part of the $18 million series B round alongside Sinopharm Capital.  

You can see the CNBC story here. 

To see the VIC press release, click here.

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of Virtual Incision Corporation

Meet Samantha: The Intelligent, Automated, Real-Time EHR Virtual Assistant & Transcriptionist

Minimizing the time required to complete the charting process allows physicians to spend more time with patients and helps alleviate frustration & burnout

Boston, Mass; Oct. 10, 2017 – Meet Samantha, a virtual assistant that acts as an intelligent medical transcriptionist or scribe for healthcare providers, from NoteSwift, Inc. Samantha’s patent-pending Parsing and Dynamic Matching (PDM) technology takes the physician’s natural language input of a patient encounter and automatically identifies the discrete data elements versus the narrative text, assigns the required coding, and puts its all into the EHR exactly where it needs to be, just as if the provider had manually entered it themselves.

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of NoteSwift, Inc.

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Startup Nation: The most valuable VC-backed company in each US State

In this October 4, 2017 story published on, titled "Startup Nation: The most valuable VC-backed company in each US State [interactive graphic]", by Dana Olsen, eyeBrain Medical is the top company for South Dakota at $25M. Click here for a PDF snapshot of the article without the interactive graphic capabilities. 

-Shared by Steve Kirby, board member of eyeBrain Medical Inc.