Water Planet Spins Out PolyCera Membranes as Separate Subsidiary

Water Planet has issued a press release regarding the spin out of PolyCera Membranes, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  You can read the full press release here on Water Planet's site.   

Water Planet now consists of three wholly-owned subsidiaries:

PolyCera Membranes - develops and markets next-generation membrane technology for industrial wastewater treatment and process separation, setting new standards in performance and total cost of ownership

IntelliFlux Controls - Adaptive control software utilizing artificial intelligence to improve the performance efficiency of water treatment plants. Quick installation of universal hardware/software bundle provides immediate savings in water and energy with added protection against variable feed water quality. IMPACT: Proven customer demonstrations and early commercial installations highlight up to 30% energy savings in operation of membrane filtration systems.

MembranePRO  - MembranePRO Services leads the global advancement of sustainable desalination and water reuse through engineering and operational excellence. Since 2011, our world-class team has provided analytical and testing services, custom-engineered water treatment solutions and operational support services to global customers on 6 continents.

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